Getting Married at St Michael’s with our Clergy


Church - wedding

We are very glad to be able to join with you in the celebration of your marriage. We want you to have a wedding that is joyous and reflects the uniqueness of the hopes and dreams that you have for your marriage.

After meeting a parish priest, the day and time for your wedding will be agreed, and it will be decided which of our clergy will officiate. If you are not certain about the time, it may be penciled in until any other request for a wedding comes for that day. Then you will be asked to decide and given priority in doing so. St Michael’s is becoming increasingly popular for weddings so there may be other weddings or events in the church on the same day. We keep weddings at least two hours apart.

The Anglican Church has three contemporary forms of ceremony which can be mixed and matched, and personalised to a large extent. We will help you make choices so that your marriage celebration will be meaningful and flow well. We are very happy to conduct a celebration of the Eucharist in your wedding if you wish.

You must get a Marriage License and this should be brought to the wedding rehearsal. Usually couples have a rehearsal a day or so before their wedding. This enables everybody to be more relaxed and composed at the wedding itself. Ideally all members of the wedding party, readers, and others directly involved, will attend.

It is an Anglican requirement that at least one of you be baptised. Should either of you wish to be baptised, you are invited to ask a parish priest about that.

Good music enriches a wedding service. St Michael’s has a fine pipe organ and an accomplished organist. We can help you to choose suitable music from a wide repertoire. There is also a sound system, CD player and Ipod connection which can be used, though it is our experience that live sound works best. The organist is able to work with vocal or instrumental soloists if required. We recommend that you attend the 10am Mass one Sunday to hear and see how the church works. This can be an opportunity to discuss music with the organist.

The Parish provides flowers for the church’s worship each week, except during the seasons of Lent and Advent. You are welcome to use these arrangements, (which are provided and arranged by volunteers on our flower roster), at no charge. Please inform the parish office at least three weeks before your wedding if you wish to use our flowers. You may wish to supplement these with personal touches that you provide (e.g. posies on the ends of the pews.) These will need to be removed after the ceremony.

Alternatively, you may wish to provide your own flower arrangements which you will need to do in any case if you are getting married during Lent or Advent and wish to use flowers. These will need to be removed after the ceremony.


The banners you see in the photo above change colour with the liturgical season.

Organist $150
Church $500
The Church fee includes the services of the verger who will assist with your service. This fee also includes time for a wedding rehearsal of 1 hour. Please note that if you require a longer rehearsal time you must contact the parish office at least two weeks before the scheduled rehearsal date.

You will be invoiced for the Church Fee, and if applicable, the Organist’s Fee, about three weeks before the Wedding, and this should be paid a week before the wedding. Cheques should be made out to St Michael’s Churchwardens or you may wish to do a direct deposit into the Churchwarden’s account: 03-0855-0263594-00 (including your name and the word “Wedding” in the details).
We wouldn’t want finance to preclude a couple from getting married at St Michael’s and we are prepared to make allowances where couples need to keep the total cost of their wedding to a minimum.

You may wish to consider using St Michael’s Parish Hall for your reception. Bookings for the Hall are made via the office at St Michael’s Church School. Ph 379 9790 or email Please note that food and drinks may be served in the Hall and/or the grounds around the Church but may not be brought into the church.

Preparation for Marriage
The priest, as well as wanting you to have a wonderful wedding day, is required by the Church to prepare you for the relationship of marriage. We will discuss issues with you such as handling conflict, money, sexuality, communication, children, role expectations, and in-laws as we come to know you and understand the aspirations you have for your marriage.

With every blessing to you as you prepare for this special day and your life together.

Reverend Anne Price – Priest in Charge