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Organ:           Epitaphe                                           Louis Vierne

Psalm  116

Mass setting            A Peoples New Mass                    DOM Gregory Murray

Motets Solus ad victimam                                                Kenneth Leighton AFC 1

Tantum Ergo                                                Déodat  de Séverac            AWTE

In the heart where love is dwelling                  Barnard                    AWTE

Of the glorious                                 (Processional hymn)          incl Palestrina

Psalm 22 chant:                              Hylton Stewart


12 Noon

Psalm 31

Passion Gospel                                 St John – Tomas Luis da Victoria SHEET

Popule meus  – The Reproaches              Tomas Luis da Vittoria  AWTE

Motet O vos omnes                                                Giovanni Croce        AWTE Crux fidelis                                                    John IV of  Portugal  AWTE

 Drop drop slow tears                                            Orlando Gibbons)

Soloists: Craig Knowles and  Matthew Harris