Letter from the Vicar

Dear Friends,

Christ is risen! Alleluia! Welcome to S. Michael’s as we continue to celebrate this
joyous season of the resurrection.

One of the themes running through the readings today is that of silent listening. Saul,
whilst still opposing the church, encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus in a
bright flash of light from heaven. He fell to the ground and listened as the Lord
introduced himself. In the beautiful vision given to John and recorded in the Book of
Revelation, he recounts seeing and hearing the angels and the whole company of
heaven worshipping. In the reading from the Gospel, the disciples don’t dare to ask
Jesus who he is ‘because they knew it was the Lord’.

As we come in to Mass or Evensong each week it is a time to still ourselves. We live in
a world of chatter and it can be hard simply to listen for the still small voice of silence.
When we come into S. Michael’s we enter a place dedicated to just that purpose, and
before our worship begins we have the opportunity to be still in the presence of God.
During the course of the Mass we also enjoy particular times of silence together as a
congregation, such as in preparation for confession, after the sermon and following
Communion. The most solemn silence comes at the end of the Prayer of Great
Thanksgiving. Here the silence shows our reverence for his Mystical Presence on the
altar, “The Lord is in his holy temple: let all the earth keep silence before him.”
On Tuesday 12 April at 6:00 pm there will be a Mass at S. Michael’s to celebrate ten
years of the liturgy.co.nz website. This website has become renowned both nationally
and internationally and Fr Bosco Peters will preside in this Mass to give thanks for all
it has contributed to the Church over these years. Please bring a plate of food to share
following the Mass.

We are delighted that the Nuptial Mass for Cassandra Johnson and Peter John will take
place at S. Michael’s on Monday 18 April at 2:00 pm. All parishioners are most
welcome to attend and to join the bridal couple for refreshments afterwards in the hall.
The party given by the women of the parish for Cassandra, organised by Jill Woodside
and held at the Ellis’s home last Saturday, was greatly appreciated. The men of the
parish are now invited to a party next Sunday, 4:00 pm in the parish lounge, to
welcome Peter John and his best man. See details on the back page.

He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

Fr. Andrew Starky