Letter from the Vicar

Dear Friends,

Christ is risen! Alleluia!

Welcome to S. Michael’s as we continue to celebrate the risen life of our Lord in these
great fifty days. Today marks a change in focus in the Easter season. We move from
Gospel readings which describe the appearance of the risen Christ to his disciples,
towards readings that recall the growth and development of the Church as the
disciples take up their ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit. The raising of Dorcas
by the prayer of Peter is a particular example of the actions of Jesus being replicated in
the ministry of the disciples following Pentecost.

This particular Sunday traditionally develops the theme of Jesus the Good Shepherd,
who knows and cares for his sheep. The Gospel emphasises the intimate relationship
between shepherd and sheep; this is implicit in their recognition of the shepherd’s
voice. The gift received is that of eternal life. This is reflected both in the story of
Dorcas, and in the care of the great multitude who stand before the throne to be
guided towards the springs of the water of life and to be consoled from their ordeal,
which we hear of in the reading from Revelation.

As you prepare for worship today, spend some time in silence listening for the gentle
voice of the Good Shepherd.

As I mentioned last week, we are delighted that the Nuptial Mass celebrating the
marriage of Cassandra Johnson and Peter John will take place tomorrow at 2:00 pm
here at S. Michael’s. All parishioners are most welcome to attend and to join the
bridal couple for refreshments afterwards in the hall. Also the men of the parish are
invited to a party today at 4:00 pm in the parish lounge, to welcome Peter and his

Looking further ahead, I encourage you to attend one of the meetings that Bishop
Victoria has arranged prior to General Synod/Te Hinota Whanui. I am part of the
representation of the diocese this year, and these occasions will provide a good
opportunity to hear what will be discussed and for the representatives to listen to the
views expressed.

Yours in the risen Christ,

Fr. Andrew Starky