Letter from the Vicar 22 May 2016

Fr Andrew Starky small

Dear Friends,


Welcome to S. Michael’s on Trinity Sunday, and a special welcome to the Young Voices and School Servers and your families. Today we celebrate the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


In the liturgical calendar of the Church our major festivals and seasons focus on the key movements of the incarnation as seen in the birth, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus. For us as Christians, these movements mark out the distinctiveness of our faith and reveal to us the nature of God as Trinity. We see that Jesus, the Son of God, never acts alone. He is always obedient to his Father in heaven and empowered by the Holy Spirit, yet he has to face all the temptations and trials of human life just as we do. The mystery of a God who is three and also one leads us ever more fully into an appreciation of God’s love.


As you prepare for worship today, and when you come for Communion, you may wish to focus on Rublev’s famous icon of the Trinity, which is placed in front of the altar today. Notice how the Son and the Holy Spirit have their heads bowed in respect to the Father. Notice the Father’s finger sending the Son and the Holy Spirit to go into all the world. Notice the ‘cup’ that lies between them. This is the cup of suffering that our Lord Jesus chose to embrace in the Garden of Gethsemane, as he prepared to go to the cross. Especially notice the space that is available at the table, which seems to beckon those who contemplate the icon to join the Holy Trinity in communion. As we do this we bring our own suffering, along with the suffering of the world, to be transformed in the communion of the Most Holy Trinity.


The Feast of Corpus Christi is on Thursday. We are glad to welcome our friends from S. Luke’s to join with us, and their Vicar, the Revd Jenny Wilkens, will be our preacher. This festival is a special opportunity for us to give thanks for the gift of the Eucharist, in which we experience the divine life of communion with the Holy Trinity with renewed joy in the light of the resurrection and ascension of our Lord, and the gift of the Spirit.


Yours in Christ,

Fr Andrew Starky


Parish Notices

  • Keeping the church open: we need to organise a meeting of all hosts to discuss the new health and safety measures which apply to us. Please phone Alastair Scott (343 5153) to arrange a suitable time.
  • Walsh House (City Mission) Clothing Appeal: the Women’s Fellowship is collecting knitting wool, beanies, scarves, hottie covers, gloves, socks etc for the women who come to Walsh House. If you can help, place your contributions in the box in the parish lounge. Knitters please speak to Jill Woodside (338 9590).
  • Donation receipts are available at the back of the church.
  • Sales Table: Sundays in the hall after Mass. Details Anne Ladd (981 5012).
  • Book Swap: Sundays in the hall and weekdays in the lounge. Koha to parish.
  • You are invited to a cup of tea or coffee after the evening service each Sunday.
  • Vege Co-op: orders and deliveries on Wednesdays. Details Kathryn Starky.
  • Lunch at Regatta on Avon: next Sunday at 12:15 pm. Details Kathryn Starky.
  • Bible Study Group meets next on 30 May at 7:15 pm in the school staff room. Details Peter Oakley (960 0974).
  • Concert: several of our choir members are involved in Our Voice with Consortia and the Vocal Consort at Knox Church, 2 June at 7:30 pm. Details Alice Bates (022 415 6538).
  • Free Lunchtime Concert: Travelling through time with Courtney Carter. S. Augustine’s Church 9 June at 1:10 pm. Details on flyer.
  • Needlework Group meets monthly. Details Ros Calvert (322 6078).
  • Advance notice Organ Recital: Jeremy Woodside 31 July, 2:00 pm at the Cathedral.
  • Inasmuch basket: please continue to support the City Mission with your gifts.


Corpus Christi on Thursday

Please come to the 7:00 pm Mass and welcome the people of S. Luke’s.

St Michael’s parishioners are asked to contribute

a plate of finger food for the shared supper after the service.