Letter from the Vicar 19 April 2015

Fr Andrew Starky smallDear Friends,

Alleluia, Christ is risen! He is risen indeed, alleluia!

Welcome to S. Michael’s today as we continue to celebrate the risen life of Christ in our midst in the great fifty days of Easter. At the 10:00 am Mass we are delighted to welcome Jennifer De Leon, who will dance for us following the Gospel reading, as we meditate on the Scriptures. Jennifer will perform a solo, contemporary, lyrical, neo-classical dance work.

The dance is entitled Grace. Jennifer writes that, “Grace depicts the joy, hope, pain and indescribable awe of being a pilgrim and journeyer on the Way. God is with me, sometimes I think he leaves me, left here is my body and the raw emotion etched in sinews and bones.”

In the Gospel reading today we hear of one of the appearances of Jesus following his resurrection. It began with Jesus standing among the disciples offering them his peace. They thought they were seeing a ghost, but Jesus was at pains to show them that he was in bodily form. He drew their attention to his hands and feet, which still carried the wounds of crucifixion. He offered his body to be touched and he ate some fish in their presence. As we reflect on these accounts during the season of Easter, it is clear that the resurrection re-ordered the physical and spiritual aspects of Jesus’ body in a way that is as hard for us to comprehend as it was for the disciples who witnessed it, yet the gift of peace was its outcome. The gift of this dance today can help us to reflect on the spiritual and the physical in our bodies, as we renew our hope in the resurrection to eternal life in this joyful season.

Last Sunday we visited All Saints, Dunedin, and I bring you their greetings. We were there to spend some time with Fr Michael and Julanne Wallace and to have a look at what they are doing in children’s ministry and their outreach to students. This was helpful as we consider the future shape of children’s ministry and Sunday School at S. Michael’s. A bonus was that we were there for the confirmation of Heather Hutchings, who joined us last summer in the university vacation.

I am on leave this coming week, returning on 28 April.

Yours in Christ,

Fr Andrew Starky



Parish Notices

  • There is a cup of tea or coffee after the evening service each Sunday.
  • S. Michael’s School is on holiday until 28 April.
  • The Meditation Group will meet tomorrow at 5:15 pm in the parish lounge. Details Margaret Maclagan (359 9215).
  • The Bible Study Group will meet tomorrow at 7:15 pm in the school staffroom. Details Peter Oakley (960 0974).
  • Vege Co-op: orders and deliveries on Wednesdays.
  • Diocesan Council for World Mission: Wednesday, 6:30 pm at S. Timothy’s. There will be a shared tea. Speaker Mike Hawke: Giving so the Gospel will grow.
  • Parish Annual General Meeting: 3 May after the 10:00 am Mass.
  • Lunch at Regatta on Avon: 10 May 12:15 pm.
  • Theology House (341 3399) has details of Anglican Studies Papers for 2015.
  • The Needlework Group meets monthly. Details Ros Calvert (322 6078).
  • Inasmuch basket: please continue to support the City Mission with your gifts of groceries and other household items.

The City Mission is making an urgent call for donated blankets following the recent cold snap. City Missioner Michael Gorman says the 37-bed shelter on Hereford St is full and there is a waiting list of people needing blankets. “It’s people who are living in substandard accommodation, people living in garages, and even people living in tents still,” he says. “Winter’s always difficult. Our food bank is in demand all year around, especially at Christmas, but in winter it ramps up another level.” He urges people to donate blankets or food items to the Mission if they can.

Please place your gifts of warm clothing and bedding in the large marked box by the font. The box will be cleared weekly.