Letter from the Vicar 14 June 2015

Fr Andrew Starky small

Dear Friends,

Welcome to S. Michael’s. Today we will consider some of the parables of Jesus where he demonstrates the power and growth of the kingdom of God from small beginnings.

The first reading from Ezekiel speaks of the giant cedar trees which were such a symbol of strength in biblical times. We can think of the great trees that surround the entrance to this church. In their leafless winter state the strength of their mighty boughs is all the more obvious. The prophet talks about taking just a tiny tender twig from the top and planting it on a lofty mountain in Israel so that it may become in itself a bearer of fruit and a place of refuge for the birds of the sky. These twigs have been taken from high up in the tree, from quite an inaccessible spot, and allowed to grow in a new and more available place.

This image helps us understand the continual process that needs to happen as the Church is renewed from year to year and from generation to generation. There are those who have such experience and respect among us that they are like great cedar trees, and perhaps others may think that their place is inaccessible. Yet we need to be constantly renewing the life of the parish by drawing on their ministries so that new shoots will take root. We were all young shoots at one point, and even those who have much experience can enliven their ministry by letting go of something and trying something new. Our ministries in the life of the Church, including attending worship as a participant, and everything else, are the way that God calls us to grow up in Christ. Sometimes that growth is quite easy, and other times it takes courage to make the next step. That is why it is so good to do this within a supportive community of faith like S. Michael’s.

Thank you so much to those who over the last few weeks have responded to our invitation to become more involved in areas of our parish life. We have been very heartened by this response and look forward to contacting you as appropriate in the coming weeks. If you haven’t yet filled in a form it’s not too late, we would be very glad to hear from you at any time.

Yours in Christ,
Fr Andrew Starky

Parish Notices

• There is a cup of tea or coffee after the evening service each Sunday.
• The Meditation Group meets tomorrow at 5:15 pm. Details Kathryn Starky.
• The Bible Study Group meets tomorrow, 7:15 pm in the school staffroom. Details Peter Oakley (960 0974).
Vege Co-op: orders and deliveries on Wednesdays. Details Kathryn Starky.
• The Parish Trust meets on Wednesday at 5:15 pm.
Motion 30 Workshops explaining the implications for our Church of last year’s resolution by General Synod concerning same sex relationships. Also covering different interpretations of relevant biblical texts. Facilitator Peter Carrell.
Thursday 7:30 pm at the Cathedral and Tuesday 23rd at S. Saviour’s. Registration Les Brighton admin@theologyhouse.ac.nz or phone 341 3399.
RSCM Music Sunday: hymns old and new, next Sunday 2:00 pm at Knox.
• The Needlework Group: details Ros Calvert (322 6078).
Residential Retreat A New Heart: Wellington 17–26 July. Phone 04 383 7769.
Book Swap/Donate/Share with a Friend/Give as a gift:
Modern books that you have enjoyed. Fundraising koha to Anne at the sales table. Books available in parish lounge during the week and in the hall on Sundays.
Box lots of books are welcome at any S. Christopher’s Dove Book Shop.
Inasmuch basket: please continue to support the City Mission with your gifts of groceries and other household items.
City Missioner Michal Gorman writes to thank S. Michael’s for the generous donations of clothing and bedding.

S. Michael’s School Tuesday
• Open Day 8:00 am–4:00 pm
• Quiz Night 7:30 pm at Robbies Riccarton
Details from the School or from Michael Graveston