Letter from the People’s Warden

Dear Friends,

Christ is risen! Alleluia!
In this Easter season, we had the privilege of being present at the marriage this week
of Cassandra and Peter—a joyful celebration which involved a number of cultures—
and we support and wish them well as they set forth on their new life together. We are
most fortunate to have had this important event at S. Michael’s and it was great that
so many from our parish were able to be present.

We offer our blessings also to Stella and Alistair Kinniburgh as they set forth this
week on a new and different adventure: they are to be part of a group from New
Zealand who will be walking along one of the ancient pilgrim paths to the city of
Compostela in Spain, as they walk the Camino. They take our prayers and thoughts
for a time of refreshment and renewal, for good walking, fine weather, and safe travel.
A number of women from this parish got to know each other a bit better on Tuesday
with a wonderful visit to the home of one of our parishioners who lives in Cust. How
talented are some members of our parish and how beautiful is the countryside.

There are a number of parishioners in hospital at this time, and even more who are
waiting for medical treatment, and we pray for all who are unwell, both in hospital
and at home, and we remember and support those who care for them. The pastoral
team is currently in the process of reshaping itself and more information will be
forthcoming over future weeks.

As we make our ANZAC commemoration this week, we remember and give thanks
for the service that so many have given, and we are also mindful of those who stayed
home and kept life going during those dark times. New Zealand was changed for ever.
Few families were untouched by circumstance and loss, with some effects still being
felt even to the present day.

Today’s reading from Revelation speaks of a ‘new heaven and a new earth’ and the
end of sorrow and pain. God will transform all creation, free it from imperfection, and
renew it. We need to play our own part in this as we are guided, and not shirk our
responsibilities. Communities today, both inside and outside the Church, need our
input. We have been given the example of Jesus, who cared for all.

He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

Claire Preston