Letter from the People’s Warden 12 April 2015

Dear Friends,

Easter at S. Michael’s has been a great occasion as usual—we are very fortunate to be able to participate in our own way in the journey of Jesus to the cross, and his triumphant resurrection. Jesus Christ is risen, alleluia! Thank you to all who helped in any way to make this such a memorable time. It was good to see so many attending our Easter morning service—and we ran out of hymnbooks! The children’s floral cross was a thing of beauty, really representing the joyousness of the occasion.

Our Gospel reading this morning includes the questions of the disciple Thomas as to the truth of the person of the Risen Christ. For some reason he wasn’t there when Jesus came, and he wasn’t about to take the statements of the others as necessarily true. Jesus was so very patient with Thomas and his demands, an encouragement to others of us who sometimes find things difficult to believe. We are among those whom Jesus calls blessed, in that we have come to believe something that we have not actually seen. Jesus Christ is risen, alleluia!

Among our many reason for thankfulness is that we have Paul Ellis as our organist and choirmaster. Paul has continued and developed the reputation of S. Michael’s for excellence in music. Arguably one of the best organists in Christchurch, his musical talent as a choir conductor has been most evident over the past years and in particular the festive seasons. His work in the encouragement of children in the S. Michael’s Junior Singers has brought to fruition a plan which I remember being suggested many years ago. It has taken a musician and teacher of Paul’s calibre to realise this dream (and a lot of his hard work, encouragement and effort).

On Wednesday at 8:00 pm a Choir Workshop and Presentation of RSCM Awards is to be held here at S. Michael’s. On this occasion, honour will be given to Paul Ellis in the form of the presentation of his Fellowship of the Royal School of Church Music, its highest possible award, and the RSCM welcomes us, the non-singing audience. It would be good to have a wide representation from our parish at this special occasion. The workshop will be conducted by Andrew Reid, UK Director of the Royal School of Church Music. The RSCM is providing refreshments for the evening; we from S. Michael’s need to provide some helpers to serve food and drink. Please contact me if you are able to help.

And looking to next Sunday, as part of the liturgy at the 10:00 am service, we will be privileged to have Jennifer De Leon, a dance teacher, dance director and performer of note, to offer a solo contemporary lyrical dance work Grace. This offering depicts the joy, hope and indescribable awe of being a pilgrim on the Way. Another special occasion to look forward to at S. Michael’s.

Easter blessings,
Claire Preston

Parish Notices

• Easter Raffle: thanks to all who donated prizes and bought tickets. Congratulations to the eight lucky prize-winners!
• S. Michael’s School is on holiday until 28 April.
• Annual Reports on all parish activities required now: please send to Louise, preferably by email smaa@xtra.co.nz by Tuesday.
• Vege Co-op: orders and deliveries on Wednesdays. Details Kathryn Starky.
• RSCM: awards presentation and workshop with Andrew Reid (Director), followed by refreshments, Wednesday 8:00 pm at S. Michael’s.
Recital by Andrew Reid Thursday 5:30 pm, door sales $20.
• Contemporary Mystics: Thursday 6:00 pm at the Retreat House. spirit@stlukesinthecity.org.nz for details.
• Theology House (341 3399) has details of Anglican Studies Papers for 2015.
• The Meditation and Bible Study Groups resume on 20 April.
• Inasmuch basket: please continue to support the City Mission with your gifts of groceries and other household items.
• City Mission winter clothes appeal: please place your gifts of warm clothing and bedding in the large marked box by the font. The box will be cleared weekly.