From the Priest-in-Charge and Wardens

Dear Parishioners,

It gives us much joy to announce that the restoration and strengthening of our Old
Stone Building (OSB) will be starting over the next couple of weeks. This work is
being carried out by Naylor Love Construction under the watchful eye of the
diocesan Church Property Trust.

Stage one involves site management. In order to complete this, solid hard-ply
fencing will be erected around the OSB; site office and canteen containers will be
brought on site with supporting toilets and Health & Safety provisions.
So what does this mean for us?

1. We lose the normal Durham Street access to our car park area (east)
behind the church. This access and the area directly in front of our hall
will be cordoned off as work site access only.
2. So to access this car park from Durham Street the double gates, which
are slightly north of our current Durham Street access, will be secured
3. This car parking (east) behind the church will be very restricted,
especially on weekdays, but you may park in the drop-off zone when it is
available. On Sundays it would be helpful if more could park in our
Oxford Tce car parking areas.
4. To enter or exit the hall through the front double doors, an outdoor
corridor will lead directly on to Durham Street.

These changes will occur over the next couple of weeks. We have been working
hard to ensure that the impact of these changes will be minimal to all who use our
site. Please rest assured that we will be in frequent communication with the site
management to ensure that all activities run as smoothly as possible. If you have any
concerns, please refer to the Wardens or the Priest-in-charge.

Michael Graveston (Vicar’s Warden)

Gloria Moyle (People’s Warden)

Canon Craufurd Murray (Priest-in-charge)