Letter from the Vicar 30 October 2016

  Dear S. Michael’s, I wrote to you last as we began our two weeks at the Community of the Resurrection at Mirfield. It was a great privilege for a short time to share the life of this community, which involves four Offices and Mass each day. The community has a strong tradition of plainsong … [Read more…]

Letter from the Priest-in-charge 23 October 2016

Dear Friends, A recent article informed me that the world’s clouds are shifting, but not in a good way. This set me thinking about clouds. I remember visiting a fascinating exhibition at Te Papa in Wellington, about ten years ago, of studies of clouds by the English artist John Constable (late eighteenth to early nineteenth … [Read more…]

Letter from the Priest-in-charge 16 October 2016

Dear Friends, Recently some bottles of beer with interesting names and labels turned up in the sacristy. They were provided by a good son of the Church and gifted to the clergy to mark International Buy a Priest a Beer Day. This Feast Day does not yet appear in the Church Calendar! In my days … [Read more…]

Letter from the Priest-in-charge 9 October 2016

Dear Friends, A famous storyteller once wrote of an exceedingly clever cat that terrified all the mice, as she was always a step (or paw) ahead of them. Suddenly and unexpectedly she would surprise them, causing chaos and pain. So the mice appointed a committee to find a solution for the sake of their communal … [Read more…]

From the Priest-in-Charge and Wardens

Dear Parishioners, It gives us much joy to announce that the restoration and strengthening of our Old Stone Building (OSB) will be starting over the next couple of weeks. This work is being carried out by Naylor Love Construction under the watchful eye of the diocesan Church Property Trust. Stage one involves site management. In … [Read more…]