Letter from the Priest-in-Charge

Dear Friends, The belief that prayer makes a difference, that it achieves marvelous results, is continually being verified by experience, however difficult it may be to explain how and why it does so. (Alec Vidler) Prayer is a significant aspect of Christian life. Jesus emphasised in his teaching the importance for persistence and perseverance in … [Read more…]

Greetings from Father Andrew

Dear S. Michael’s, Greetings to you all. Today (7 September) we have arrived at the Community of the Resurrection at Mirfield for a two-week stay. Since we left home we have spent a lovely month in Canada with Kathryn’s family, based in Saskatchewan and including a short visit to the Rockies. On our first Sunday … [Read more…]

Letter from the Priest-in-charge 11 September 2016

Dear Friends, I remember attending morning worship at an Episcopal (Anglican) Parish Church in Scotland a few years ago with my brother-in-law. There was a splendid sermon by a retired (woman) priest of diminutive size, on ‘Blessed are the pure in heart’. It engaged me from beginning to end and left interesting leads for my … [Read more…]

Letter from the Priest-in-charge 4 September 2016

Dear Friends, During the past week, we kept the Feast Day for the Builders of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia (1 September). My address at Mass that day was on the building-blocks of the Anglican Church, and on the foundations of Scripture, tradition, reason and experience. Strong and reliable foundations are … [Read more…]